The Ultimate Writing Tool for Windows

Obliterate Writer's Block

Using the proven fractal story writing method, you can trounce writer's block and always find an area within your story with which you can make progress.


Write Faster

Since you spend less time staring at your computer, and more time typing on it, your stories come to life much faster. And that doesn't include the speed gains you get from having hundreds of story fragments at your fingertips, ready to slot into various chapters.


Improve Quality

But don't think that just because StoryFractal helps you write faster, that quality will suffer. When used correctly, StoryFractal also helps you build deeper, more sensory-filled stories that improve your readers' experience by helping you organize plot lines, scenes, and details that would otherwise slip by in the tedious process of getting the ideas onto paper.


Keep It Together

All of your notes, scribbles, chapters, pictures, clips and work for a project are stored neatly into project files. Once you open a project, you have everything you need for that project at your disposal. Even on mobile!


Download StoryFractal

StoryFractal is a FREE app in the Windows Store.
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